Who is Ed Bee?

Hi, I am Ed Bee, a bee friendly! beekeeper on Kawau Island, New Zealand. 

Ed Bee honey is a rare single origin kanuka honey which comes from a unique place on earth - Kawau Island. The provenance is assured.  

Ed Bee has also invented a method of cleaning beekeeping equipment.  Check out my BeeCleanTM page

Harvest occurs in late January.  There is a singular vintage per year.  Each vintage reflects the weather and flowing plants of a particular year.

bee friendly!

Why is Ed Bee honey so good? 

  • It's mouth-wateringly delicious: Rich, chewy delicious honey direct from me, your personal beekeeper.
  • Single source:  Made by my bees on Kawau IslandNew Zealand.  
  • The Kanuka forest factor: The entire island is covered in mature Kanuka trees accounting for 80% of the nectar source.  The other main floral source is manuka. The Kanuka trees flower on Kawau Island from November to January. See for yourself.  Look up Kawau Island on Google earth...If you look carefully you may spot my hives!
  • Only one annual harvest: Undertaken in late January to ensure the well being of the bees.  Ed Bee honey differs from season to season, each vintage is unique - like a fine wine.
  • Free from chemical residues: Kawau Island is 6km from the mainland.  There is 5000 acres  of wilding Kanuka Forest available to my bees. With no roads, industry, crops or any other sources of pesticides or pollution it is a truly wild and unspoiled place, perfect for pure honey.
  • Cold extraction and minimal straining: Cold extraction and a light straining ensures the delicate nature of the enzymes in the honey are preserved.  The thick rich honey contains small amounts of bees wax particles, pollen and propolis.